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Monday, 18 November 2013

Craft Fair

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not replying to messages...they've only popped up tonight!  Don't know where they've been hiding...confused.com!

I've not updated my blog for a while as I've been coming home from work, eating dinner and spending the rest of the evening in my craft room busily crafting away for a special day yesterday.

I would like to share my first experience as a stallholder at a Craft Fair yesterday.  My friend Tracey Cotton and I decided to have a go and made a large stash of goodies to sell at a craft fair at a local hotel, Riverside Hotel.  We were a little nervous, but very excited!

Here's our table all set up and ready to go...

If anyone is doing a craft fair in the next few weeks I found that these sold really well, children loved them :)

After speaking to other crafters who've had stalls and not sold many things we were nervous that it wouldn't go well for us either.  We were worried that our prices might be too high and people would complain, but no-one questioned our prices so we must have got it right...We came home with over £100 between us, which I thought was quite good for our first time, so well chuffed :)  And we really enjoyed it so hoping to do more fairs next year!

Good Luck to anyone that is doing a Craft Fair in the run up to Christmas xx


  1. The stall looks great and well done on raising £100

  2. Wow looks great and yes, £100 is amazeballs takings xx